Age limit: 30 years

Attendance of this Course – which is divided into two sections with two different instructors – can be full or limited to only one section.

To be admitted to each section candidates must pass the required examination and pay the corresponding attendance fee. Payment of the application and examination fee, on the contrary, is required only once, even in case of duplicate attendance.

For the entrance examination candidates must perform at least one composition from each group required by the relative instructor.

• Boris BELKIN
Online video-audition: April 20
Entrance examination: July 18 / 9 a.m.

Examination program
a) J.S. Bach, two movements of the Sonatas and Partitas for solo violin;
b) Mozart, first movement of any Concerto for violin and orchestra;
c) a virtuoso piece or one of Paganini’s Capricci.

During the Course students may perfect compositions of their own choosing from the entire violin repertoire, indicating their choices beforehand on the application form under the letter B.

• Salvatore ACCARDO
Online video-audition: April 20
Entrance examination: August 9 / 9:30 a.m.

Examination program
a) Paganini, one Capriccio of the candidate’s choosing;
b) J.S. Bach, one movement of a Sonata or a Partita of the candidate’s choosing;
c) Mozart, one movement of a Concerto of the candidate’s choosing;
d) one movement of a Concert for violin and orchestra of the candidate’s choosing (to be indicated beforehand on the application form under the letter A).

Study program
During the Course, students may perfect pieces of their own choosing, to be indicated beforehand on the application form under the letter B.