Age limit
individual applicants: 30 years
ensembles: an average of 30 years
Ensembles that can demonstrate they have been together
for at least three years are exempt from this age limit

Online video-audition: April 15
Entrance examination: August 19 / 9 a.m.

The Course is open to viola soloists and already existing chamber music ensembles, beginning from trios (in addition to the duos for viola and piano).

Examination program:

• soloists: candidates must present at least one piece from each of the following groups:
a) one of the Sonatas for solo viola by P. Hindemith op. 11 no. 5 or op. 25 no. 1; one of the Suites for solo viola by M. Reger or one of the Suites by J.S. Bach transcribed from the violoncello part (Revision by B. Giuranna:;
b) one Sonata or one important composition for viola and piano;<
c) one Concerto or one concert piece for viola and orchestra (for the Concerto by F.A. Hoffmeister the recommended edition is that of H.I. Grahl Frankfurt/M, which may be found on the site

Violists performing in piano duos must present the same program as soloists, substituting point c) with a composition for viola and piano.

• ensembles: candidates must present two important repertoire pieces.

Chamber music ensembles that have been together for at least a year may take advantage of the allowed attendance fee reductions.

During the Course students may perfect pieces of their own choice, indicating their choices beforehand on the application form.