Useful information


Each student is required to take out a health insurance policy or provide a consular statement of his right to medical assistance on the basis of the right to assistance deriving from international agreements.

Non-European Union students may enter Italy upon presenting a passport and, if required, a visa granted by their country of origin. Once in Italy they must request a resident’s permit with the same reason given in their visa. It is not necessary to request this permit for stays for reasons of business, tourism, visits or studies shorter than three months.

European Union citizens do not need a permit for their stay in Italy.


A limited number of pianos are available for students’ use – with precedence given to Active Students of the Courses for piano or chamber music with piano – both on the Academy premises and outside the Academy.
To rent pianos for personal use in students’ own lodgings in Siena please apply to:
Firm G.G.Checcacci, via C.Battisti 10, 53100 Siena, tel. 0039 0577 44521.


    The following hospitality structures offer a price reduction of 10% to the Chigiana Students:

    Affittacamere Xenia
    Via Santa Caterina 10
    Tel. 0577-286633

    Antica Residenza Cicogna
    via delle Terme 76
    Tel. 0577-285613

    Casa Vacanze Il Campo
    via Salicotto, 73
    Tel. 0577-226849


Thanks to special agreements, the students − with the application card to be presented each time − can enter the following restaurants:
Mensa Universitaria
- Mensa Sallustio Bandini
via Bandini, 47 – Tel. 0577 226207
Open monday-friday from 12 am to 2:30 pm (closed for dinner)
- Mensa Sant’Agata
via S. Agata, 1 – Tel. 0577 1651840
Open monday-friday from 7 pm to 9:15 pm
(saturday and sunday open for lunch end dinner)
Full meal € 5,50

Ristorante Orto de’ Pecci
via Porta Giustizia, 39 – Tel. 0577 222201
Open tuesday-saturday from 12:30 am to 2:30 pm
Meal from € 6,50 up € 9

Bar Osteria Il Bargello
via di Città, 55 – Tel. 0577 045649
Open for lunch end dinner
Meal from € 7 up € 8


For information please write directly to:

  • Università per Stranieri di Siena
    Students’ Secretariat
    Piazza Carlo Rosselli, 27-28 – 53100 Siena
    Tel. 0577 240111 – 240115 / Fax 0577 281030