Creating music for visual arts

Entrance examination: August 20 – 10 a.m.

The seminar is open to advanced solo instrumentalists, singers, ensembles, interested in the relationship between music and visual arts. All musical backgrounds are welcome.
A selected number of visual artists is allowed to participate in the workshop.
Chamber music ensembles in existence for at least a year may enrol as already formed groups, taking advantage of the reduction in the attendance fees reserved to them.

Entrance examination
The entrance examination will consist of a motivational interview. Candidates may present a piece of their choice from their repertoire.
Visual artists are required to send a video in which the relationship between image and sound is highlighted. This video, in mp4 format, must be sent together with the application form, within the deadline of 10 June.

This seminar aims to provide the students with a musical way of working that can be applied to collaborating with any other artistic discipline, such as dance, theatre, poetry readings, action painting and magic shows.
More specifically, the seminar activity will be centred around the making of music to film and video. Students will start playing music. Then making music to short movies. Visuals will be proposed by the teacher. Another possibility is to make use of original short movies made on the spot: video artists are encouraged to participate.
Students will work with composed material, as well as improvisational methods. The emphasis will lay on students creating themselves and receiving coaching in the process. In the final presentation the students will perform together with the teacher.