New performance techniques for clarinetists and ensembles

Age limit:
Soloists, 35 years
Already existing ensembles, an average of 35 years.
Ensembles that can demonstrate they have been together for at
least three years are exempt from this age limit

Online video-audition: May 31
Entrance examinations: July 29 / 10 a.m.

For the entrance examination candidates must perform two contrasting works of the applicant’s choice that demonstrate musicality, technical proficiency and the applicant’s specific repertoire/artistic direction. This could include new compositions, classical/world/jazz intersections or works from the 2nd half of the twentieth century.

For this very special Seminar, David Krakauer will work with clarinetists and ensembles who are dedicated to thinking “outside the box” and producing new and innovative work. The seminar can therefore be open to many combinations: from soloists or ensembles specializing in new music, to world music soloists or ensembles exploring original compositions, to jazz musicians working with new structures, to classical musicians trying to open their horizons. The main criteria is outstanding artistic excellence coupled with a desire to pursue new work (ensembles should preferably contain a clarinetist).
During the week, David Krakauer will mentor and coach each soloist or ensemble. Depending on the needs of each individual, examples of topics that will be explored are clarinet technique, career advice, improvisation techniques and techniques for excellence in ensemble playing.
The main goals of the Seminar are to help and inspire students to find the deepest levels of expression within themselves, explore strategies to carve out their own professional niche and find their own individual path / voice in music.