VOICE Seminar

Age Limit:
- sopranos and tenors: 32 years
- mezzosopranos, baritones and basses: 34 years

Online video audition: April 20
In-person entrance examination: July 30 / 9:30am

The lessons will focus on vocal technique and on the interpretation of the arias indicated by the student.
Various aspects of vocal technique will be addressed, taking into account the dramaturgy of the text: “singing cannot be detached from the emotional moment in which every single action takes place, and therefore it is very important to respect the voice that the librettist and the composer have intended.”

To be admitted to the seminar the candidate must pass the exam and pay the corresponding admission fee.
For the active students in the Voice Course the payment of only one admission-examination fee is required.

For the entrance examination the candidate must present an aria selected from his or her repertoire by heart. The piece chosen for the examination must be indicated at letter A on the back of the application form. The candidate must provide the instructor and pianist with a copies of the piece in the key in which it will be performed.
After the examination the students may further develop other pieces of their choosing, indicating them in advance at letter B on the application form. It is necessary to indicate at least 4 arias.