General regulations


Students attending the “Accademia Musicale Chigiana”, who are divided into Active students and Auditors, are subject to the following regulations:


Eligible for application as Active Students are:

  • Italian candidates who hold a diploma (old system) or a second level academic diploma (new system);
  • foreign candidates who hold equivalent certificates.

Exceptions to the requirement of these titles may be made only for the Courses in Voice, Guitar and chamber music, Composition, Choral Conducting, Orchestral Conducting and Percussion instruments as well as, the following Seminars: Repertoire for guitar across five centuries, The Unbridled 21st Century Clarinet, Live Electronics, Oboe, and the “New Sounds”, for which applicants are required to send a curriculum of their completed studies.

Candidates can decide to take the entrance exam according to one of the following options:

- by video audition online at by April 15th (May 31st deadline for Oboe and The Unbridled 21st Century Clarinet students only);
- in-person audition at the Accademia Chigiana held on the first day of each Course or Seminar.

Active students are required to attend all Course lessons for the full time allocated. The official Course schedule will be defined immediately following the admission exams. Exceptions will only be allowed to students attending the String Quartet and chamber music Course through request made by the Instructor.

The following documents should be sent (required only for first-time applicants for the Accademia Chigiana master classes with the sole exception of the Orchestral conducting Course):
- diplomas or certi cates of musical studies; – identification card showing the date of birth;
- detailed curriculum vitae;
- programs of concerts held in the past
(necessary only for candidates of ensemble and orchestral conducting Courses).
Students enrolled in previous years are not required to present the above-mentioned documents.
However, students in the Orchestral conducting Course are required to present the above- mentioned documents each year.

The application form for admission (see “Application form and Fees”), along with any supporting materials previously indicated, the proxy form for the request of an Italian fiscal code (for those who require it), and the payment of the application / examination fees, must be received by the Chigiana on or before the following date:
- April 15th for applications with a video audition
- May 15th for the Orchestral Conducting Course
- May 31st for the Composition Course, the Live Electronics, the Oboe and The Unbridled 21st Century Clarinet Seminars.
- June 10th for all the other Courses and Seminars with an in-person audition in Siena.

Applications will not be accepted by e-mail.

If no application and examination fee is received the application will be rejected.

Active students will not be admitted to the same Course for more than four years, except in case of a waiver based on a motivated request made by the instructor to the Artistic Director of the Academy. They may not attend more than two Courses or Seminars simultaneously.

Age limits for Active students are specified in the paragraph regarding each Course or Seminar. An exception to this limit is foreseen only for groups that can demonstrate they have been together for at least three years, as long as the average age is below 35.

Candidates must therefore enclose along with the application form the copy of a personal document showing the date of birth. Without this document the enrolment application will be rejected. The age limit is applicable the first year of attendance; it may be waived for three further years, providing they are consecutive to the first one. On the application form candidates shall indicate

  • The pieces they intend to perform at the entrance examination;
  • The pieces they wish to study during the Course;
  • For the Voice Course: voice range / For the Chamber Music Courses: instrument (in case of groups, surname and instrument of each member).

Candidates must also be in possession of the scores of all the mentioned pieces.
Ensemble members are required to be in possession of both scores and parts of all the pieces needed by the group.

Candidates who do not pass the entrance examination as active students may attend the lessons as Auditors, after fulfilling the necessary formalities at the Secretary’s Office.

Active students who – according to the evaluation of the respective instructor and of the Artistic Director of the Chigiana Academy – excel particularly during the Courses will have the possibility of being included in their respective programs, as well as being inserted in the concert seasons of the Chigiana Academy..


No particular qualifications are necessary for registration; only the application form is required (there is no deadline for its presentation), together with payment of the auditor’s fee in euros.

N.B. Entrance to the Academy is allowed only on presentation of a special ID card, issued by the Secretary’s Office.
Students must therefore provide a photograph.


Entrance examinations for the Courses and Seminars may be taken by sending a film to be uploaded to the internet site along with the online application for registration no later than 15 April (31 May only for The Unbridled 21st Century Clarinet and Oboe Seminars).
The Accademia Chigiana will notify candidates as to the outcome of the admissions process after 15 May.
Should anyone apply after 15 April, and should placement positions still be available for full participants, it will be possible to sit the entrance examination at the Accademia Chigiana during the days indicated within the paragraph relative to each Course.
The candidate must comply with the established examination programme and, in the case of an examination to be held at the Accademia Chigiana, must personally make arrangements for the music to be performed.

The only students exempted from the entrance examination are Active students already accepted for solo instrument Courses who also wish to attend Chamber Music Courses accepting single instrumentalists.

Auditors are not allowed to attend entrance examinations.


All Active students who have attended lessons regularly will be granted attendance certificates. Diplomas of Merit or Honour may also be granted.


All Academy students (both Active students and Auditors), upon showing their student identification cards, will be admitted free of charge to the Final Class Concerts and will be entitled to price reductions for tickets to the other concerts of the Chigiana Festival. For these concerts, a limited number of complimentary tickets will be available to Active students only. These tickets must be requested and reserved beforehand in the Secretary’s office.

N.B. In case of disagreement on the interpretation of translation, the Italian text will be decisive.