Age limit: 35 years
Lessons begin on August 4 / 3:30 pm

To be admitted to the Course, candidates must submit to the Secretary’s Office of the Accademia Chigiana up to and not after May 31, two recent scores (one for chamber music and one for orchestra) of any chosen length.
The required registration and examination fee of € 37 must also have arrived by that date. The Academy will inform all candidates of the results of the selection made by the instructor and will send them various motion picture sequences for which they will be asked to compose musical works. They will be required to choose at least two scenes from them, taking into consideration the possible combinations of the following “in residence” interpreters:

  • piano;
  • interactive electronics, audio-video elaboration, treatment of sample banks including Midi;
  • violin;
  • violoncello;
  • clarinet (also bass clarinet and contralto saxophone);
  • percussion instruments (one performer – available instruments: vibraphon, marimba, glockenspiel, six temple blocks, three wood blocks, five swing gongs, hi-hat, five cowbells, pedal drum, string drum, six tom-toms, two bongos). Any small instrument may be added by request at the time of admission.

The lessons will be divided as follows:

  • August 4-8: introductory lessons by the instructor;
  • August 11-14: listening and discussion of new tendencies in film music production;
  • August 18-23: analysis of the scores composed during the Course and preparation with the “in residence” instrumentalists in view of the performance during the final class concert (August 24).

Non-composers may attend as auditors.