The Accademia Musicale Chigiana has a large library, with holdings numbering some 75,000 pieces.

Among these are many valuable old and rare books. For example, we have sixteenth and seventeenth-century editions of composers like Palestrina, de Victoria, Frescobaldi, Arcadelt, Marenzio, Asola, Diruta, and Gastoldi. Many collections contain manuscripts from the Renaissance to the twentieth century. There are autograph scores by great composers, including authors from our own day by Respighi, Bossi, etc., but also not strictly music texts, such as the autograph libretto of Norma by Felice Romani.

The library is divided into the following sections:

The Music Library (about 30,000 volumes), made up of scores, part books, and sheet music for the performance of symphonies, chamber music, and solos, autograph works, manuscripts, opera librettos, and books on musicology;

The Literary Library (about 20,000 volumes), made up of printed books and manuscripts that once belonged to the Chigi and Saracini families (including incunabula, post-incunables, rare books, etc.);

The Gigliucci Gift (about 5,000 volumes), consisting of musical scores that belonged to the famous singer Clara Novello, who lived in the nineteenth century;

The Franco Capuana Gift (about 7,000 volumes), consisting of scores, part books, and other miscellaneous books that belonged to the orchestra conductor Franco Capuana;

The Adelmo Damerini Gift (about 6,000 volumes), made up of books, magazines, scores, manuscripts, and miscellaneous books that belonged to Maestro Adelmo Damerini, a member of the artistic committee of the Accademia Chigiana in the 1950s;

The Stelio Maroli Gift (about 4,000 volumes), consisting of part books and musical scores that belonged to Maestro Stelio Maroli, a pianist who worked with the Accademia Chigiana;

Count Guido Chigi Saracini’s personal library (about 3,000 volumes) of books from his own period on literature, art, history, etc.;

Periodicals (about 100 titles between old and modern);

Microfilms, correspondence, historic archives, etc., that belonged to the Chigi and Saracini families; outstanding among these is the extensive correspondence (about 65,000 letters) of the founder of the Accademia Chigiana, Count Guido Chigi Saracini;

Vinyl records (78 and 33 rpm), CDs, tapes and cassettes containing recordings of concerts at the Accademia Chigiana (more than 3,500 pieces).

The library was originally catalogued and updated using the Staderini system of individual cards. A digital catalogue also exists. Work on this project continues today, with the aim of completing the computerization of the entire library.