The activity of preservation and promotion of culture in all its forms includes attention to the showcasing of the academy’s heritage of art and history, an attention that, in addition to the guided tours of Palazzo Chigi, provides for the organization of events, based on the elements that distinguish the specific identity of the Chigiana, which offer opportunities for encounter and growth, such as:

  • Cultural activities devoted to the entire public of music and art lovers;
  • Educational and popular activities, aimed in particular at young people, to foster the knowledge and diffusion of classical music and the history of the Chigiana.

These cultural activities are offered mainly to the local citizenry (youth activities, concerts, book presentations, conferences/seminars, exhibitions, etc.) on topics connected with music and art in general, as well as history.


The historic and fascinating Palazzo Chigi, with its famous art collections, is an ideal site for private events such as:

  • Special concerts
  • Exclusive guided tours of Palazzo Chigi for small groups;
  • Exclusive venues for conferences and seminars:
  • Implementation of specially-designed cultural packages that can include a tour of Palazzo Chigi, attendance at concerts and cultural events (conferences, seminars), and hospitality services inside the palace.