Application form and fees

Registration must be made online (by clicking on “Online Registration”).

OnLine Application form

For clarifications or more information, please contact the Student Secretary’s Office.
If completing the online registration presents a difficulty, it is possible to request permission from the Secretary’s Office to fill in the application form and send it to:

Accademia Musicale Chigiana
Students Office

Via di Città, 89 53100 Siena (Italia)
Tel. 0577 22091 – Fax 0577 288124

on or before the following date:
- April 15th for applications with a video audition
- May 15th for the Orchestral Conducting Course
- May 31st for the Composition Course, the Live Electronics, the Oboe and The Unbridled 21st Century Clarinet Seminars (with a video audition).
- June 10th for all the other Courses and Seminars with an in-person audition in Siena.

Applications will not be accepted by e-mail.

N.B. According to and in conformity with Art. 13 of the Legislative Decrete no. 196 of June 30, 2003, please note the personal data gathered in this document will be handled by the Data Bank of the Accademia Musicale Chigiana Foundation. In addition, those who wish to do so many exercise the rights recognized in articles 7, 8 and 9 of the above cited Legislative Decree, requesting in writing form the Executive of the Accademia Musicale Chigiana Foundation in charge of personal data the deletion, updating or modification of their personal data. The data, for which we guarantee the maximum privacy, will be used in order to render possible the activity of the Foundation.


All fees must be paid in the exact amount requested in euros. Any exchange expenses or bank commissions will be charged in full to the student.


This fee must be sent to the Secretary’s Office of the Academy together with the application form, indicating on the special form the details of the payment made by postal money order or by bank transfer to the account number 14822.16 made out to the Fondazione Accademia Musicale Chigiana Onlus (c/c n. 14822.16 of the Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena, Banchi di Sopra, 84 / IBAN IT 82 C 01030 14200 000001482216 / SWIFT CODE PASCITMMSIE), on which the student must write his name and the Course or Seminar for which he is applying.

Alternatively, payment may be made through Paypal, making sure to indicate the purpose of the payment to e-mail

Other Amount: EUR

The application fee is non-refundable.

In the case that the terms of payment are not respected the application will be considered void.


This fee must be paid before the beginning of the lessons. It is to be paid in its entirety and cannot be refunded if the candidate stops attendance on his own initiative. In case a scholarship is later awarded, the already paid fee will be refunded in proportion.


This fee permits auditing of lessons in the chosen Course, and may be reduced for limited attendance periods. However, it cannot be refunded in case the student interrupts attendance on his own initiative. Those wishing to attend lessons occasionally may purchase one-day tickets.
The sale of entrance tickets is however subject to the capacity of the cassrooms. The direction reserves the right to suspend without notice the sale of tickets in the event that the excessive number of visitors interferes with the lessons or poses a security problem.


The following (non accumulable) reductions are allowed:
- 60% for attendance of a second Course (*);
- 45% for members of Ensembles who can demonstrate (by submitting programs of concerts they have given) a concert activity of at least one year.

(*) A “second Course” is considered one taken together with the first Course. The reduction will be applied to the Course which starts later, with the exception for the Orchestral Conducting Course.


Exemptions from fees are granted in the following cases:
Application and examination fee

  • to active students of Courses for solo instruments who also wish to attend the Chamber Music Courses accepting single instrumentalists;
  • to active students of Courses in the same instrument or subject held by different instructors, for which payment of only one application and examination fee is required;
  • to Students of the Rinaldo Franci Superior Institute of Musical Studies specifically selected as per agreement.

Attendance fee for Active Students

  • to active students of Courses for solo instruments who also wish to attend those Chamber Music Courses which accept single instrumentalists;
  • to active students indicated by Accademia Chigiana Instructors as being in receipt of fee waivers. Visit Fee waivers and scholarships;
  • to Students of the Rinaldo Franci Superior Institute of Musical Studies accepted as Full Participants, as per agreement.

Attendance fee for Auditors

- to a limited number of Students of the Rinaldo Franci Superior Institute of Musical Studies, as per agreement.


It must be sent at the same time as the registration.

a) Orchestral conducting Course
€ 28 for evaluation of titles
€ 68 for the application and examination fee

b) All the other Courses and Seminars
€ 48

MASTER CLASSES Instructors Active Students (€) Auditors (€)
Choral conducting Lorenzo Donati 265 130
Clarinet Alessandro Carbonare 265 130
Composition Salvatore Sciarrino 240 120
Double bass Giuseppe Ettorre 265 130
Flute Patrick Gallois 265 130
Guitar and chamber music Oscar Ghiglia 265 130
Orchestral Conducting Daniele Gatti, Luciano Acocella 760 380
Percussion instruments Antonio Caggiano 375 190
Piano Lilya Zilberstein 330 165
String Quartet and chamber music Clive Greensmith 285 145
Viola and chamber music Bruno Giuranna 265 130
Violin Boris Belkin 420 210
Violin Salvatore Accardo 330 165
Violoncello Antonio Meneses 265 130
Violoncello David Geringas 265 130
Voice William Matteuzzi 310 155
SEMINARS Instructors Active students (€) Auditors (€)
Five centuries of guitar music Eliot Fisk 130 65
Live electronics. Sound and Music Computing Alvise Vidolin 200 100
Morphing Music to Media Ernst Reijseger 130 65
Oboe Christian Schmitt 175 90
Tabula rasa. The art of improvisation Stefano Battaglia 130 66
The unbridled 21st century clarinet David Krakauer 130 65

For all Courses and Seminars in ensemble music, the application-examination and attendance fees must be paid by each member of the ensemble.

Partial attendance (for auditors only)
For all Courses except Orchestral Conducting
One week only . . 70
Daily ticket . . 16
For the Orchestral Conducting Course
One week only . . 145
Daily ticket . . 28

N.B. In case of disagreement on the interpretation of translation, the Italian text will apply.